Oct 18, 2008

Cherish Yourself

I wrote about a hurried day in my life sometime back. Life has become one long rush hour….it remains. But there is one thing that I figured. I thought about a typical day in my life. I asked myself, have I forgotten a very important person in the process: ME? I have always been a kind of person who has enjoyed the small moments of life and believed that they are the best ones. Today, I make a conscious effort to give myself at least half an hour in a day, to do…nothing at all.

Here’s what you should do, if you feel you’ve lost yourself in treadmill existence!

Recognize your values:
Ask yourself these questions more often: ‘What do I value?’, ‘What is most important to me?’, ‘What do I really want?’. Answers to these questions will help you understand yourself at a deeper level and refocus your life around what is really meaningful.

Grab life’s little pleasures: While you look at the big picture in life, don’t forget to see the tiny brushstrokes that create the effects; be it the clear blue sky above you, fuchsia sunset, rustling leaves or the shimmering stars above. Once in a while, forget about your errands and tasks for half a day. Use this time to think of all the wonderful things you experience in a day.

Schedule ‘Me Time’ with yourself: One of life’s greatest challenges is to balance the expectations and wishes of other people [especially family] and your own needs. Invest your time and energy for what you value, once in a while at least. Refill your mental space by prioritizing. Take ‘Me Time’ out of the house by visiting a spa, walk in the park or even a trip to the local cinema.

If you make the time and effort to reward and nurture yourself, you will be filled with a sense of well-being and it wont be long before your positive vibes spread out to reach your near and dear ones.

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