Oct 18, 2008

Surviving Teenage

Being a teenager is anything but easy. Most of the times, things happening to you or thoughts make no sense at all. Moving from childhood to adulthood involves a lot of change and most of the time, we are not ready for the change yet. However, much you want to stretch your boundaries and jump ahead….you still long for some TLC. I remember being a scrawny teenager, always hanging out with my brother who would go to great lengths to explain the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of so many things I could not even understand. As time passed and I stepped out of my teenage, I had a good deal of memories which I hold close to my heart, even today.

If you are in your teenage and wondering when you will be out of it and win yourself an ‘adult’ status, relax…you will never get back these golden years, make sure you spend them well!

Accept Yourself: Most of us go through problems of low self esteem, peer pressure. As a girl, you even got pimples and PMS to deal with! Remember, what you perceive as problems are not serious issues at all. They are just manifestations of your concerns to fit in, look good and make it to the top.

So if you think you have a huge problem, ask yourself, ‘Will this matter to me in a year?’ If you have important decisions to take, think long term. Let’s say you want to get a tattoo. Will that tattoo look good on your 50 year old behind?? Are cigarettes worth the cancer and the trauma?

Choose who you want to be: Don’t change yourself to fit into a certain group. Find friends who like you for who you are and don’t question your personality. Remember that you are responsible for your life. What you do today, will affect your tomorrow. That does not mean that you don’t have fun at all. Hang out with your friends but make sure that you are close to people whom you trust, always.

Step out of the shadows: When you choose to make your teenage fruitful, you are helping yourself secure a bright future. Don’t waste your teenage. Join hobby classes, stay fit and learn basic skincare and hair care to bring out your best features. Yoga is another great way to get in touch with yourself. When you find something you love, follow that idea and don’t stop until you’ve reached your goal.
Stay connected to your parents: Your parents are a great source of support and knowledge. But they would not know what’s going on in your life until you tell them. Try to identify what support you need from them and tell them. In return, don’t forget to hug them [at least!]

Teenage Must-Reads

1. Chocolate for a Teen’s Soul: Life changing Stories for Young Women About Growing Wise and Growing Strong by Kay Allenbaugh
2. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey
3. Girls’ Guide to Life by Catherine Dee
4. Guys and a Whole Lot More: Advice for Teen Girls on Almost Everything by Susie Shellenberger
5. Feeling Great, Looking Hot and Loving Yourself by Jennifer Leigh Youngs

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