Sep 10, 2008

If you hate your brothers' girlfriend!!

Looking across the dinner table at a girl who you know is running your dearest brothers life, makes you sick and you decide to excuse yourself a little early from the place.You know she is not "the one", something pokes you deep inside your heart...You want to voice your opinion and tell your brother that he is making a big mistake! That's what i did. I told him...

At best, he'd say: "Wow, you are right! I'll go break up with her right away!"

At worst, you have hurt the relationship you have with your brother and it will make matters worse....and you don't want that.

No one likes seeing their family members in pain - physical or emotional. But sadly, there is no way to intervene to protect the people you love from pain. They have to live and learn on their own.

Are you in one such dilemma? Just let your brother know that you will always be there for him no matter what. I'm sure he appreciates what a good sister you are. If you don't want to stand by your brother, that is also okay.

I have a brother I am very close to as well and I always want to protect him, but he's an adult and has to make his own decisions. If this isn't meant to be then they will probably break up sooner rather than later. I think the girl changed her my brother a new lease of life.

If they decide to make some comprimises and work things out anytime in the future, i know i have to deal with this girl for a long time into the future and it would be best for my brother (and my sanity) if you try to accept the situation.....

- Munnu

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