Sep 5, 2008

When and How Bobby Gets Insulted

Last month when i am in chennai for visa interview for 3 days... i met one of my uncle's friend's daughter

Lets go back to 2000 once:

I did my engineering in Chennai. In 2000 when I landed in Chennai for counseling, we stayed in uncles house which is in Anna Nagar

I got seat in Raja Lakshmi Engg college (In our words REC) and shifted to hostel but due to food problem uncle asked me to come back home as i lost almost 3 kgs in a weeks time. But i hesitated to go there so he promised me that he will search a new room for me to stay. I got a room in one of my Uncle's friend's Srinivasan's house.

Mr. Srinivasan is a very strict person and Rtd ICF employe. One day he introduced me to his relatives who stays near to that house. I met a girl who is studying 7th standard. That time she looks like kiddoo and i hardly spoke to her not more than 5 times in 2 years time and after that i shifted to some other room

Coming back to present 2008 Aug:

After I attended the Visa Interview, i dont have any work to do so i thought lets go and give a sudden surprise to them. They use to stay in inside Teynampet which is changed alot now. I found thier room finally after 30 min search. when i rang the bell aunty came & she recognised me finally after 5min...

As soon as I entered in to their home which is completely changed now. I am actually looking for that girl but she is not there. After 30min, she came to home from College (she is studying Eng 3rd year) as soon as i saw her i felt she looks so pretty & i can say LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT... she recognized me in 2 min and after that we had a chat for more than 2 hrs. I thought i fell in LOVE AGAIN. its almost 7.30 and I am getting late so i told them i am leaving now and will catch u tomorrow. After i entered into the car her brother came in to picture and said BAYYA BYE BYE & GET ME CHOCOLATES WHEN YOU ARE COMING TOMORROW which is completely shocked to me and her but what to do...if i got chance i will go and bang him like anything...

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