Sep 5, 2008

A Reason For My Being...

Are there days when you wake up and wonder what it is specifically that you are doing here on earth? I mean, yes, we all do things we are expected to do. We study for degrees, do courses, marry, and bring up children….all with sincerity. But do you as I wonder where it all leads?

What at the end of a long life, when you have done all this and more will you look back on? What will you feel? Satisfaction? Joy? Or that there are things left undone, words left unsaid….Will you wonder why you had to live a life after all? It is true. It happens. Sometimes nothing seems to hold meaning. The happiness you seek-is it health, wealth, loved ones around you or lack of unhappiness?

Where does it all lead? If we die young, life is gone without our really having been able to sit back and enjoy it. If we live to a grand old age we regret moments that have passed us by.

A reason for my being. That’s all I wanted. And when I saw a bunch of flowers I think I got one! If flowers can smile as happily as they did on their stem, if stars can shine quietly without questioning what we wish under them-Why then is my insignificant self wondering about a reason for being? All I can do is hope somehow, somewhere if i live my life right….reason will find its fulfillment.


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