Sep 14, 2008

I'm in a hurry....

My day begins at 5-30 am almost everyday [except when i'm allowed to sleep, thanks to my maid who comes in late or a SUNDAY!!!]. The first face i encounter is mine and after the initial disgust at the sight of a pimple or my sleepy eyes i drag myself to the kitchen to begin my culinary experimentation. [You guessed it right, its not just hard, sometimes its a huge goof-up when i start so early]. Most days i manage to cook something edible. 6-45 am....i've barely finished in the kitchen when i have to begin pointing fingers at my maid for not doing her tasks right. After spurning some suggestions and pleading her to get it right next time [atleast] i have to get ready to get to work.

Around the same time, my cab driver takes on the task of hurrying me out of my home [he does this by calling me without a break, till i have called him and asked "WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME?!"] Rushing out my home, i realise that i have not worn the shoes i thought i would wear the day before, the top i had decided to wear....worse, i have not even combed my hair. Hell who cares?! I run furiously [most days my husband follows me and has an early jog, just to say 'bye and have a nice day' & that's probably the only time we get to spend together for the rest of the day....]

Inside my cab by 7-35 am, i'm in no mood to listen to remixed versions of regional songs [most of the times its hard to figure which language i'm listening to!]. I have no other go, for my enthusiastic cab driver seems to enjoy them immensely! Let him, i figure. I try to pray, in vail...i seem to be catching some of these songs myself!! Good lord....

I wonder if my husband has had his breakfast and has left to work. In a few minutes a couple of my friends hop on to the cab before we move towards office. In no time we are dropped at our colossal office building and we spend sometime ogling at all the latest brands that seem to be opening shop here. Louis Vuitton, Zegna, Moschino.....Makes me think: “Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping.”

Inside offices, the day drags on...from a mad Monday to an awaited Friday, time flies and there's some respite in the form of a weekend! Weekends fly by faster than the weekdays....sometimes there is no time to complain too.'s not all that bad. Not always atleast. Coping with life's challenges becomes an inseperable part of our lives, complaining just makes it seem harder with each day.

End of each day i'm ever grateful that i'm blessed with a mother who loves me, a sister who understands me the best and a husband who is an answer to all my prayers.

In all pleasure hope is a considerable part.
- Samuel Johnson

I'm convinced.


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