Sep 5, 2008

Marriage for Dummies

Java for dummies for the budding programmer, 3D MAX for dummies for a design aficionado, Blues Guitar for Dummies for the music minded. You've read one of these for sure.

Marriage for dummies is an effort to deflate common marriage myths and keep your marriage ALIVE. Small steps will assure you a lifetime of happiness, if a happy marriage is what you have in mind. You do know that you have the power to redefine any relationship, don't you? All you need to do is recognize that power and step up to figure what is and isn't acceptable in your marriage.

Rule number one: Your vows are about commitment, not a method of living together. If the methods you have been using for quite sometime now aren't working, don't wait till the warning bells have sounded. Change your methods now. And when you are doing so, commit to mending your mistakes.

Rule number two: Stop blaming yourself or your spouse. Does it really help? Not really. So next time that you're about to say, "but you did this" or "you never did/said that", stop yourself. Because its not leading you anywhere!

Rule number three: If you got till here, you won't be disappointed. This rule has never failed! Take off, on a no-baggage vacation. By no baggage i mean NO lingering thoughts of work, home,'s all going to be dealt with anyway. Its always easier to deal with your worries when you are pleasant towards each other. Watch the sunrise over the mountains, try mountain biking, walk across to a nearby town, drive to a place where you can soak in the last few rays of the sun....all in a day.


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