Sep 5, 2008

Love...Or Something Like It...

How do you know you're in love? - You feel sick, do you?

Ok well that's not all you feel but it's definitely a part of how you feel.

I think i fell in love properly for the first time when I was 13yrs old. I was taken aback by how utterly miserable it made me feel. This feeling didn't last, as being 'in' love was temporary state but it lasted long enough to leave a lasting impression which conjures up fond memories, even today. Every time I have been in love since it has been the same.

When you begin dating, feeling miserable comes from wondering if your girlfriend/boyfriend will call you, text you or go out with you. Once you begin spending time with them, focus shifts to the future of your relationship. You wonder how life would be, without your love. What if you are faced with a senario where you have to live without your love.

What we fail to realise is that all our feelings - love, hate are shaped by our survival needs. We try to run away from feelings of pain. But when you are truly in love, you will feel the pleasure in the pain you're dealing with. You will feel a warmth, second to none and all hurtful feelings are overshadowed by feelings of warmth and comfort, stemming from the support of your love. If you are someone who has given up on love in favour of freedom from pain, consider what else you have given up. Allow yourself to be happy, allow yourself to love freely and be loved as well. Love yourself, first. Go ahead and create a lifetime memory.

I'm sure all of you have wonderful love stories to share. Childhood memories of your first crush or romance which blossomed in your teenage....Share them here.


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